The Institute 4 Traffic Safety

The focus of The Institute 4 Traffic Safety is improving auto, small truck, RV and motorcycle safety using education and training

to increase operator knowledge, skills and behavior .


The term "accident" is very common; however, it is almost always misused. The correct term for a damage-causing incident is a "collision". 

Accidents are, by common definition, unavoidable. However, collisions have a cause which can be analyzed and countermeasure(s) implemented. Drivers and motorcycle riders can be changed for the better. 

Introduction to this Unique Safety (and more) Organization


What is The Institute 4 Traffic Safety? (TI4TS)

The focus of TI4TS is improving Auto, Small Truck, and Motorcycle safety by using education and training. It is accomplished by improving Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills.


What are the Corporate Goals?

  • The reduction of vehicle collision frequency and severity.

  • The recognition and treatment of all drivers as team members on American roads.

  • The universal adoption of Amber Rear Turn Signals on all motor vehicles.

  • What is the corporate purpose? The promotion of traffic safety education, proper equipment use and driving efficiency.

  • Why are you gathering a Mailing List and how will it be used?

    • Answer: The purpose will be exclusively by this organization fo share relevant information to those who agree to accept it.

Why do you recommend Amber Rear Turn Signals on the rear of vehicles?

  • Research (begun in the 1970’s) concluded Amber is a highly conspicuous color for motor vehicle use that uniquely and distinctly indicates a lateral vehicle movement. It is safer than red for rear turn signal use.


What is the American Drivers Team™ (ADT)?

  • The American Drivers Team is a concept that encourages respectful and courteous treatment amongst all roadway users. ADT is a zero-membership cost, voluntary organization committed to improving relationships between every roadway driver. ADT continually seeks support for traffic safety projects.




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