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The Author

Dale McCormack has an extensive professional traffic safety education background that includes university and high school experience; motorized vehicles and driving are his passion! Beyond the mechanics he continually analyzes the interaction of vehicles and drivers whenever on the road. The result of some of this thinking has been organized into “Advantageous Driving 4 Seniors: Survival Skills, Strategies and Knowledge.” Keep an eye out for others in the “Advantageous” family to follow.

At Illinois State University he wrote a Master’s Degree thesis, “The Effects of Teaching Advanced Driving Techniques to High School Seniors”. Since then he has:

·         Administered and taught: novice, experienced, and instructor Motorcycle Safety Foundation classes.

·         Operated several businesses.

·         Taught high school Automotive Mechanics and Driver’s Education classes.

·         Conducted Winter Auto Driving Workshops

·         Founder: “The Institute 4 Traffic Safety” for the purpose of education, analysis, expert opinion and public information.

·         Co-founder: “Conspicuity, Inc.” the first reflective protection products company addressing the need for increased motorcyclist visibility when riding. Products included reflective vests and materials from 3M and Reflexite corporations.

Previous writing includes professional journal and periodical articles. “Advantageous Driving 4 Seniors: Survival Skills, Strategies and Knowledge.” Is his first full-length publication for American driver education.

"The Institute 4 Traffic Safety"  

Founded by auto and motorcycle enthusiast Dale McCormack in 2015, TI4TS represents a professional driver educator’s approach to American traffic safety. The goal is improved traffic safety with educational approaches to diverse audiences. Seniors, Motorcyclists, Teens, RVers, Professional and ordinary drivers alike; all are parts of the American Drivers Team.

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