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The focus of The Institute 4 Traffic Safety is improving auto, small truck, RV and motorcycle safety using education and training

to increase operator knowledge, skills and behavior .

The Institute 4 Traffic Safety

No skeletons in the McCormack closet; this record is indicative of normal driving.

"The Institute 4 Traffic Safety"  

Dale McCormack is an automobile control expert in the world of senior driving and the competencies required to build safe, skillful and efficient driving behaviors. His first book; Advantageous Driving 4 Seniors: Survival Skills, Strategies and Knowledge.” introduced and defined the philosophy being a member of the American Driving Team and many other innovative topics.. His next continues that interest in senior drivers; Safe Driving 4 Seniors: Enjoyment from Better Knowledge and Skills!.

Over 4 decades Dale has worked as both a teacher of drivers and motorcycle riders as the founder of The Institute 4 Traffic Safety, Auto Shop instructor and driving coach. He is an Illinois State University graduate who earned his MS in Traffic and Industrial Safety.

Dale is an acclaimed keynote speaker who delivers idea-rich, high-energy speeches and seminars at conferences and events. His topics include Efficient Driving by Rarely Stopping; Enjoying Roundabouts; Membership in the American Drivers Team; and Autonomous Tech that Helps, and Not. He can be reached at

"What gives McCormack the right to tell me anything about driving?"
One can almost hear that question from drivers. To those, he asks to relax and continue reading; He'll happily answer by always talking straight, and hope you can handle his experienced opinions too. That's what you're going to get from him.

McCormack has learned to love the activity of driving vehicles and the freedom they provide. Herein he shares his passion, knowledge, opinions, and analysis. Many readers probably acquired similar experiences to when he began his driving career.

However, now you may not analyze what you're doing as he does. McCormack’s ideas and suggestions will be interesting and helpful. Other insights and, lessons may be controversial. Others will make you a safer and more attentive driver. You’ll learn how personal vehicle control is a dynamic, interactive, 3-dimensional "game" that takes place in real-time.

So, now let’s have some fun and learn more about Safe Driving 4 Seniors: Enjoyment from Better Knowledge and Skills!

Founded by auto and motorcycle enthusiast Dale McCormack in 2015, TI4TS represents a professional driver educator’s approach to American traffic safety. The goal is improved traffic safety with educational approaches to diverse audiences. Seniors, Motorcyclists, Teens, RVers, Professional and ordinary drivers alike; all are parts of the American Drivers Team.

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