Hello. My name is Dale McCormack and I will be talking about my newest book; Irresistible Oh’z: Everybody’s Sex Toy Resource, 2020 Edition It is being set-up for pre-order from

As adults, we have all learned to explore our body’s ability for sexual arousal and climaxing. Perhaps alone, or with a partner, or while using an adult toy. Personally, beginning at puberty, my earliest sex-toy experience began when using it for stimulation and learning to enjoy its consistent orgasmic result.

My book discusses today’s adult playthings that produce wonderful, convenient and reliable sexual climaxes for players. Regardless of your situation, everyone deserves frequent sexual activity and orgasms. It is therapy for both our mental and physical health.

Regardless of your age, gender, weight, disability, or sex-toy experience, you will, almost certainly, be aroused by some of today’s products.

In my book, I have researched the world’s adult toys and brought them altogether here, for your information and possible use.

For many years, the sex-toy industry, like so many others, was male-dominated. Their products were what men thought women would enjoy. While women grudgingly used what was available, they yearned for more sensitive, appropriate and effective genital playthings.

Luckily, many of today’s sex-toy companies have been founded, and are now led, by women. Their fascinating products are designed-by, and for, female sexual pleasure. Hooray!

However, men have not been overlooked by toy manufacturers. There are now exciting toys focused on penis arousal and quickly stimulating its shuddering orgasmic squirts. Stroking, sensual oscillation and motor-power can all found in his sexual tool-box.

In order to get this Publishizer deal, I need commitments for 500 copies. Please support me by pre-ordering your copy at


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