The Institute 4 Traffic Safety

The focus of The Institute 4 Traffic Safety is improving auto, small truck, RV and motorcycle safety using education and training

to increase operator skills and knowledge.

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Introducing: The American Drivers Team


Welcome to the “American Drivers Team!

Whether you realize it or not, every time you sit behind a steering wheel and roll onto the roadway, you become part of a team, The American Drivers Team In college, my professors and textbooks called this organization of drivers/vehicles/environment the “Highway Transportation System;” how boring! So to make it relevant to you readers, who typically have an interest in sports, I created and appropriate driving/sporting name. One that all drivers will (eventually) recognize and behave as proud, responsible members: the “American Drivers Team.” As individual members we care both about ourselves and the overall team goal of safe, efficient movement of goods and services. And there’s room for personal improvement, as you’ll discover reading forward.  When it comes to traffic safety, we’re all on the same team!
The placement and control of your vehicle affects others. You want to stay out of their way, just as you want others not to slow your travels. Each individual on the team contributes to the safety, enjoyment, and efficiency of the journey while traveling to and from destinations. The "golden rule" is to treat others as you want to be treated. This reciprocity is accomplished whenever you make adjustments that make driving easier and safer for others. Other drivers depend on you, and you depend on them. Throughout these chapters, I will present ideas on becoming a skilled member of the team. Let's talk about how this concept works in the real world.

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