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    Publication Imminent: "Advantageous Driving 4 Seniors: Survival Skills, Strategies and Knowledge."

    For Immediate Release


    August 10, 2016

    About “Advantageous Driving 4 Seniors: Survival Skills, Strategies and Knowledge” (AD4S)

    Published by Westbow Press, The Institute 4 Traffic Safety and CreateSpace this is Mr. McCormack’s first book. It provides edutainment advice and information. Though having “Seniors” in its’ title, all drivers are guaranteed to find new and useful tidbits every few pages; information and wisdom rarely found, or taught, elsewhere. Available now in all popular dead-tree and eBook formats from Amazon, Kindle, etc..


    NOTE: Cover, Table of Contents and Writing Samples follow.


    Senior drivers will especially benefit from this approach to driving. Written for experienced drivers, this interesting eBook puts fun and increased control skills back into your travels.  You’ll gain surprising insight from an expert’s experience and earned wisdom that teach how to become a more thoughtful and somewhat quicker-yet-efficient driver.

    Main chapters focus on: The Driver, The Vehicle and the Roadway; with subchapters describing a wide variety of interesting presentations about skills and technologies. An integrated approach to safer driving uniquely identifies & encourages the “American Drivers Team” for mutual support, and personal responsibility. Another section introduces autonomous technologies used in today’s vehicles.

    Topics include:

    1. Passing your License Renewal Test. p.85
    2. When to hang-up the keys. p.86
    3. (Almost) Never stop at a traffic light! P.14
    4. Avoid becoming a prisoner of the vehicle ahead. P.43
    5. What color makes a turn signal safer? P. 67
    6. Stop sign extinction. p.35
    7. Becoming the New Primary Driver. p.7
    8. Should it stay, or should it go? P.48
    9. Develop “X-Ray Vision”. p.41
    10. State-of-the-art safety technologies. p.68
    11. Get rid of Your jerk (when stopping)! p.27

    And many, many more!

    Casual and serious drivers alike will find useful and enjoyable topics in “Advantageous Driving 4 Seniors: Survival Skills, Strategies and Knowledge”.

    About The Institute 4 Traffic Safety (TI4TS)
    Founded by auto and motorcycle enthusiast Dale McCormack in 2015, TI4TS, represents a professional driver ducator’s approach to American traffic safety. The goal is improved traffic safety with educational approaches to diverse audiences. Seniors, Motorcyclists, Teens, RVers, Professional and ordinary drivers alike; all are parts of the American Drivers Team.


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