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There's Not Enough of me!


Dale McCormack

It seems not a day goes by when I don’t attempt to talk to another driver in traffic. And I have done so over 100 times. Afterward they have always told me two words; “thank you!”

Why? Because I told them information they appreciated, and needed to hear.

After maneuvering (on a two, or more, lane road and stopping alongside them at a traffic light), I rolled a side window down. Next I tapped my horn to get their attention. Finally, I told them about their problem. A turn, running, or brake light(s) were burned out and needed replacement.

In contemporary traffic my behavior is unusual, but I would never do it if danger, or risk, was involved. Instead, universal appreciation was the result of the conversation.

You too can do this. There are simply too many burned-out bulbs in the world, and others, need you to let them know of their problem(s).








Why is notification needed? Because many vehicles do not notify their driver about the bulb failure. Some upscale models do, but a vast majority remains uninformed.

So, set aside fear (false evidence appearing real) and talk to others when necessary and safely possible. The result will be a small, but undeniable, improvement in all our lives. For this I thank you in advance.

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